Morel Derfler 1956-2001


              In Sep 9th 2001 Morel was killed in a tragic terrorist attack at the Naharia train station. Morel arrived to Naharia with his cousin Igal Goldstein and at the moment they walked out from the train, a suicide terrorist detonated a box charged with explosives, nails and screws. Morel, Igal and a young soldier were ripped apart in an inconceivable instant of insanity and cruelty. Morel was 45 years old then. 


Who was Morel Derfler


  • Morel Derfler immigrated to Israel when he was 4 years old and lived with his parents in Naharia. During the high school years Morel volunteered as a youth leader in the Tsofim (Scouts) movement. Later on served 3 years at the Military as a combatant in the Israeli Infantry Force. Morel graduated from the Neri Bloomfield college of Photography in Haifa and soon after became a teacher in the Haifa College. After a few years Morel became the Head of the Photography Department at Wizo College and became an admire teacher and leader in the Haifa artistic milieu.

  • Morel joined a group of Haifa artists and funded Piramida, an organization targeted to develop and encourage artistic activities in Haifa, providing a center an place to create and share within an artistic environment.

  • Morel vast contribution to Israeli art is well recognized within Israeli Museums and artistic community and also has been widely acknowledge through his several exhibitions abroad (Europe and US ) A few selected solo exhibitions include the Modern Art Museum Tel Aviv, Israel Museum of Jerusalem, William Berman Museum - Atlanta, Moment Gallery - Germany, Vivian Esders Gallery - Paris, Portfolio Gallery - London, Art Space gallery - North Carolina, etc.

  • Moreover, Morel was an educator and dedicated a significant part of his life to work with art students and help them to develop their personal and unique language, his artistic signature as well as his special personality left a significant legacy to those students through the years.

  • Collections and Publications: Morel received prestigious awards and prices from the American-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Haifa Museum Biennale Prize, the Israel Museum of Jerusalem Gerard Levy award; the Israeli Biennale award, etc. Morel’s works are included in numerous Collections such as the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Bibliotheque National Paris, Haifa Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Art Ein Harod.


      There is no doubt in our minds that Morel had a promising artistic future in the Israeli as well as international scene. In almost 20 years of artistic labor Morel was well known as a versatile artist using different and unique techniques and media in his creative work. Morel developed original Worked photography technique in the early 80s using Xerox machines and TV screens, later on continued working on multimedia and computerized music. In the last year before his death Morel started to explore the domesticated nature. His impressive art career was interrupted midway, however his legacy is so enormous that should be preserved and perpetuated.  

We can’t reverse the history, we can’t bring Morel back to life but we can perpetuate his artistic work and his loved legacy. And that is the one thing we can do to ensure that terror and madness will not wipe away our loved ones and we will never forget them.

מורל (מושיקו) דרפלר        1956 – 2001



מורל דרפלר נרצח ע"י מומחד חבישי, בן 48 יליד עכו, תושב הכפר אבו סנאן שבגליל. מוחמד חבישי היה חבר בתנועה האיסלמית.

מורל ויגאל, קרוב משפחה שלו, נרצחו כאשר ניסו לעזור למוחמד להחזיק בקופסאת קרטון מתנדנדת, מלאת חומר נפץ, שהחזיק מעל ראשו.


מוחמד חבישי היה כלי מבצע ובעצם מורל נרצח ע"י הפנדמנטליזים הדתי.  הפנדמנטליזים לובש צורות שונות: פעם מדבר על מדינה איסלמית על כל אדמת פלסטין ופעם על ארץ ישראל השלמה וזכות האבות.  זוהי אותה אמונה שמציבה את קדושת האדמה וקדושת האל מעל קדושת חיי אדם.


בשנייה של טרוף, נקטעו חיי אב, חבר ואומן.