Selected critics:


  • “Some of Morel Derfler’s faces scream at you from their frames, other with closed eyes and mouths are silent, full of sufferance and fear. All are compelling images. These work are simple in form but complex in content and technique. … A project rooted in contemplation. His purpose was to create a portrait which restored the feeling (so familiar to him) of existential loss.”Beverly Friedmann – Portfolio Gallery – London


  • “Derfler’s elaborated images are the result of a long process of manipulation, coloring, scratching and scraping during which the identity of the original photography is completely obliterated. … The common objects used as subject matter, such as miniature plastic toys placed out of context and proportion, seem to became magic symbols of artifacts for unexplained rituals. Playful and serious at the same time they remain closely tied to both the local Israeli culture and to the history of art.” – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural and Scientific Divisions & the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


  • “ When I received the press release describing Israeli artist Morel Derfler’s style as “unique”, I groaned. But for a change, the word was used correctly. I have never seen any photographs quite like the ones on view in his exhibition at Raleigh’s Artspace.” By Kate Dobbs.


  • “Look at Morel Derfler’s works and you cannot help seeing the effects of living in a tiny and troubled land where everyone must serve in the military at some point.” By Chuck Twardy, North Carolina.


  • “ In the photography of Morel Derfler we see an interpretation of human nature through the eye of an Israeli that is also a husband, father, artist and soldier.” By Blue Greenberg – Atlanta